Party Leadership Questionnaires

From time to time, the Democratic Party reorganizes and chooses new leadership. Usually this happens at the very beginning of an election cycle, but sometimes it happens mid-cycle when an officer steps down. The most important position in any Democratic organization is that of chair. The most important contests for chair typically take place when an incumbent chair decides to step down, creating an open seat.

To help precinct committee officers and state committee members make an informed choice when choosing new leadership, Effective Democrats sometimes develops candidate questionnaires, usually when there is an open seat.

2014 State Party Chair’s race

Four candidates vied to replace outgoing chair Dwight Pelz: Dana Laurent, Jim Kainber, Jay Clough, and Jaxon Ravens. Jaxon Ravens was the choice of the Washington State Democratic Central Committee.

2014 King County Chair’s race

Three candidates are vying to succeed outgoing chair Karl de Jong: Omaha Sternberg, Betsy Walker, and Rich Erwin.