Trump is not on our side

Trump is a profound risk to individual liberties, our national identity, and our collective futures. Forget about his narcissism, his deeply insecure view of himself, his need to be adored and his bizarre and offensive obsequiousness toward Vladimir Putin.

If possible, try to allow the rule of law and the wheels of government, in both the executive and legislative branches, to grind along and investigate who on Trump’s team colluded with Russian President Putin and his intelligence services during the 2016 Presidential election. Whatever Trump did or didn’t do or know, it will be revealed. And it won’t change the fact that he has now held office for nearly one year and the damage being done is real.

Collectively, we must be prepared to switch gears, look ahead, and take back Congress with elected representatives who will serve our people, communities, and nation in the long struggle toward liberty, justice, and equality for all.

Focus on how Trump and the GOP leaders in Congress are advancing the politics of the powerful at the expense of the vulnerable.

Focus on their agenda that maximizes near-term personal gain at the expense of our long-term collective good.

Grasp the terrible truth of this administration: it is out to wreck the vision of a land of liberty for a nation of immigrants.

Resolve to support candidates for Congressional office who love our country, talk about what kind of a future they hope to create, and know what it means to go to work every day.

Support candidates who love the people and places they hope to represent.

Support the candidates who are willing to fight back against powerful special interests when the best interests of the many are at risk…who are willing to fight for the U.S. Constitution, the rights of all people, and the commitments our nation has made to international communities where family, friends, and colleagues live, work and play.

For all our flaws and failures to live up to the vision of a place where we pledge allegiance to “one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”, we the people historically have elected Presidents who seemed to hold a shared vision of our national identity and the path to our future. These Presidents over centuries seemed to take their oath of office seriously, “to protect, preserve, and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

And then there was Trump.

Now it’s not Trump versus Mueller, or Trump versus Congress, or Trump versus our allies, or Trump/Putin versus the Chinese, North Koreans, Iranians, or hopeful immigrants and frantic refugees.

It’s Trump versus the American people.

He’s not on our side.

When the President of the United States attacks our public institutions and our public officials, he is attacking every single American.

When the President of the United States attacks our closest allies and friends around the world, he is attacking our students, family members, and colleagues who live in those countries.

When the President of the United States attacks and demeans women, girls, LGBTQ, and all people of color, he is attacking every parent, child, and grandchild in our country.

We the people must elect representatives who are on our side.

Take it personally, everyone. Take it very personally. And translate outrage and frustration into voting. Rededicate ourselves to being engaged and curious citizens. Be there for our family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors when they need us.

Every day, we make choices.

Choose to make 2018 the year we vote for people who will have our backs.

Our democracy is hurting right now. And Trump doesn’t care.

But we do. So let’s take care of our democracy. It’s the very best resolution we could possibly make.