Our American Democracy Lives!

Today is a day of great joy. In commemoration of all of the major news organizations in the country now having called the presidential race for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, I have written the following poem because sometimes prose just isn’t enough. I hope it is to the enjoyment of many!

Our American Democracy Lives!

by Andrew Villeneuve

Begone, sorrow!
Begone, dread!
Begone, cynicism!
Begone, sickness!
Begone, desolation!

A new day is dawning
A joyous day
A momentous day
A long-awaited day
A day of celebration

For our democracy lives!
We marched
We resisted
And persisted
Now, victory is ours!

Let science and sense be our guide
Let separated families be reunited
Let America rejoin the world community
Let the light be free
Let mourning give way to morning

Hoist the sail, make for the sunlit waters
The journey continues to January 20th, 2021
The fight against fascism must go on
There’s lives to be saved and Senate seats to be won
Onward together with Joe and Kamala as our captains!