Why I’m running to be a delegate for Joe Biden

I am running to be a delegate for Joe Biden because I want to bring our party together behind our party’s 2020 presidential nominee. I proudly supported Bernie Sanders and was a 2016 national delegate for Senator Sanders in Philadelphia last cycle, but like Senator Sanders, Senator Warren, and the rest of the Democratic field, I am now supporting Joe Biden to be the next President of the United States.

I want to put my experience as a Sanders national delegate and young progressive leader to work to ensure a Democratic victory in 2020. I believe my experience will allow me to be an effective bridge between the different wings of our party.

Joe Biden is going to need every vote he can get to win, and I’m committed to helping mobilize supporters of Senator Sanders, Senator Warren, and other candidates to support Joe Biden. I contemplated running to be a delegate for Senator Sanders again, but I’ve chosen to run as a delegate for Joe Biden because I am fully committed to electing him.

The time to unite behind our nominee is now. Not this summer, not this autumn, but now. These are unprecedented times for our country, and we need to figure out how to campaign effectively in an era of physical distancing. As a skilled facilitator, cybersecurity strategist, party leader, and technologist with deeply held progressive values, I believe I can be of service in uniting our party behind our nominee.

Thank you for your consideration. It’s an honor to represent you on the Washington State Democratic Central Committee as one of your two state committeemembers.

Below is a video I recorded explaining why I’ve decided to run for delegate as a supporter of Joe Biden. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to watch it, and join me in supporting Joe Biden for President in 2020.