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Why I’m running to be a delegate for Joe Biden

I am running to be a delegate for Joe Biden because I want to bring our party together behind our party’s 2020 presidential nominee. I proudly supported Bernie Sanders and was a 2016 national delegate for Senator Sanders in Philadelphia last cycle, but like Senator Sanders, Senator Warren, and the rest of the Democratic field,… Read more »

If Joe Biden gets the 2020 Democratic nomination, progressive activists have a moral obligation to help elect him

Recently, while doing some surfing, I came across an article from Politico, linked below, titled: A ‘Never Biden’ movement vows not to vote for Joe. Inside of that article was this passage: On ‘Never Biden’ Facebook pages and in Twitter threads, some activists argue that if Trump is reelected, Democrats will fare better in the… Read more »

Trump is not on our side

Trump is a profound risk to individual liberties, our national identity, and our collective futures. Forget about his narcissism, his deeply insecure view of himself, his need to be adored and his bizarre and offensive obsequiousness toward Vladimir Putin. If possible, try to allow the rule of law and the wheels of government, in both… Read more »

Don’t complain — be the change

Every time a Sanders supporter shares content from The Observer or gripes about last year’s primaries, a pair of Republican operatives clink mugs somewhere. I was a proud national delegate for Bernie in 2016. But it’s 2017 now. We’re facing a new reality, and we can’t effectively respond by whining. Whining is simply not one… Read more »